1. Welcome and program overview

    2. Introduction to trainers and participants

    3. Training objectives and expectations

    1. What is Adaptive Case Management?

    2. Key concepts and benefits

    3. Use cases and real-world examples

    1. Introduction to BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)

    2. How BPMN can be integrated with ACM

    3. Advantages of combining ACM and BPMN

    1. Installing and configuring the WKS platform

    2. Tools and resources for developers

    3. Hands-on exercises: Environment setup

    1. Building BPMN diagrams

    2. BPMN elements and notation

    3. Hands-on exercise: Creating a BPMN process

    1. Connecting BPMN processes to cases

    2. Orchestrating case activities with BPMN

    3. Hands-on exercise

About the instructor

  • Victor Franca is a software engineer. Recognized as a Camunda Champion, he's spent years diving into Case Management and Process Automation across various sectors. He's hands-on, having contributed to the developer community with the open-source Case Management project, WKS Platform.

Why Choose This Course

Equip your IT consultancy or software solutions team with the tools to weave the adaptability of Adaptive Case Management with the stringent precision of BPM, ensuring each project meets the unique needs of the public and private sectors, or even groundbreaking proprietary products.

  • Hands-on Demonstrations: Each concept is paired with a real-world example on WKS, reinforcing your learning through practical application.

  • Understand how to utilize WKS Platform's ACM capabilities to manage unpredictable, real-time scenarios. From dynamically assigning case roles to handling ad-hoc tasks, become adept at managing complex cases.

  • Dive into Camunda's BPM strengths, setting up workflows that automate and manage repeatable, structured tasks. Learn to deploy, execute, and monitor BPMN 2.0 processes seamlessly.

  • Grasp the power of intertwining ACM and BPM. Manage structured workflows within unpredictable scenarios, ensuring adaptability without sacrificing process integrity.

  • Explore the balance between planned processes and event-driven spontaneity. Make real-time decisions based on event triggers, merging the adaptability of ACM with BPM's sequential rigor.

  • Harness the capabilities of Decision Model and Notation (DMN) within Camunda to make informed decisions, both within structured processes and ad-hoc case management scenarios.

Target Audience

  • IT Consultancy: Enhance your service offerings and provide a competitive edge in BPM + ACM implementations.

  • Software Development Firms: Equip your software solutions team to design products for the public and private sectors, leveraging ACM's adaptability with BPM's systematic workflow, ensuring efficient service delivery and agile response to sector-specific challenges.

Target Roles

  • Software Developers

    Software developers on ACM projects ensure the integrity of base code, implement required algorithms, and work closely with the platform tools to ensure seamless operation

  • System Architects

    System architects design the overarching structure of the ACM system, ensuring that it scales and integrates well with other enterprise systems using the WKS Platform and Camunda

  • Integration Specialists

    For ACM with WKS and Camunda, these professionals ensure that the platforms work seamlessly with other tools and databases, enabling data flow and feature interoperability

  • Technical Leads

    Technical leads oversee the development process, ensuring best practices, making key technical decisions, and ensuring that the team meets the project's technical requirements and standards

  • Solutions Engineers

    In ACM projects, solutions engineers design and implement custom features or modules that address unique organizational needs, leveraging the capabilities of WKS and Camunda

  • Application Developers

    Application developers focus on crafting the user-facing applications or modules that leverage the power of ACM, ensuring usability and performance.

  • Camunda Developers

    Specializing in the Camunda platform, these developers design, create, and optimize workflows and processes, ensuring they align with the organization's business logic and integrate seamlessly within the ACM environment with WKS

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